Find your purpose

It is not only fresh blood that organisations in motion look for. A new voice, looking at things from a different angle, and offering fresh insights can benefit your people and your teams in many ways, some unexpected. Think about how often ‘stress, demotivation, and lack of opportunity’ come up in employee attitude surveys, or how short-sighted it would be for your organisation to ignore issues such as workplace anxiety, envy or esteem.

Whether you are an enterprise with a legacy, a start-up who wants to do things right, an entity entrusted with safeguarding issues of public interest, or a voluntary organisation with a mission to do good in the world, I am sure that you will find value in my talks, workshops, and presentations. On my side, I promise to invest my effort to offer only what is personally tailored to your needs.

You can read about my talk to the team of U16 basketball players of the Depiro club here and you can listen to my contribution in the webinar on Women: Legal and Evolutionary Aspects organised by 21 Academy for the occasion of International Women’s Day 2021 here. If you have more time on your hands, you will enjoy listening to my 2-hour conversation with the famous Jon Mallia in one of the episodes of Jon’s podcast. Click here and have fun!