Organisational support

Make it happen

Working with people within organisations is one of those stages where I shine best, because there I can truly share insights and find solutions, which most often are a question of putting things in order and pulling out the opportunity from the chaos.

In your organisation, some of the ways in which I know I can be useful, because I’ve done it many times before with a passion that hasn’t waned with age, include recruitment and selection of talent, planning and programming, making project proposals, fitting organisational charts to your purpose, like pieces of a puzzle, designing policies around people, thinking about strategic values and vision, constructing customer empathy maps, and much more. It all depends on what your organisation needs to grow and succeed at a particular point in time.

Browse the internet for examples of organisational projects I created, led and delivered, such as the award-winning MALSIS project, the Rural Development Programme for Malta 2007 – 2013, the quality service charter for the Plant Protection Directorate, and others.