Mentoring and coaching

Raise your game

As someone who has benefitted first hand from mentoring and coaching, on different occasions, I can testify to the value they bring. It all depends on the relationship of trust that can be built between the more experienced mentor or coach and the younger person, who is looking to grow better in what they do and grow in potential of who they are.

I’ve been lucky. So, when it was my turn to support the personal and professional growth of people through mentoring and coaching, I kept the memories of my own experiences as models, and helped others, who, like me, either found themselves at crossroads, burdened with doubts and incapacitated with fears, or in troubled waters, at the helm of a ship with precious cargo, to make the right choices and to steer to destination.

Make an appointment for a free consultation to see whether a testimonial such as “your gentle guidance and wise questions were just what I needed to make the decision about my change in career” can also apply in your case. You might also be inspired by the stories of the participants to the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs in Malta, a tailored training programme offered by the Thunderbird School of Global Management and run by the Women Directors in Malta, where, as one of the mentors, I am helping them start and grow a successful business.