motivation at workplace

On motivation

Over the past few months, I have been lucky enough to be gifted not one, not two, but three talented people to join my team, and mixed in with the
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Gifted to be a woman

In the introduction to her book ‘The Hormone Cure’, Sara Gottfried, a hormone expert and Harvard-educated physician-scientist, speaks about what she calls ‘The Unfair Truth’, the fact that women are
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The biology of sex and gender

“What it would be foolish to do – and what many WEIRD (Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic) people in the 21st century are doing – is to pretend that
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Keith and the mismatch around food

I have been meaning to write about the famous evolutionary mismatch for quite some time now. Let me be more precise. I have been meaning to write – anything –
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Anxiety and depression: a beginner’s recipe

It is not appropriate to write about anxiety and depression at a time like this. Not with Christmas, with its promise of hope and renewal and togetherness, knocking on the
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The Maltese and their anger

The news article reporting that the ‘Maltese are the angriest and most worried people in EU’, makes me angry. Without having participated in Gallup’s study of the world’s emotional temperature,
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