Light up your mind

When I think of training and the excitement it brings, I think about the nurturing experience that the genuine listening conversation offers, because the transformative power of true training, unlike advice, comes from having the courage to listen. A good lecturer talks with their listeners, individuals who need to be included in the conversation for the learning and the exchange of ideas and the empowerment to take place.

This is what I do. And, as some of my students assure me, it is worth “looking forward to…like a bright spot in my week” because it has the power to “open that curtain to reveal what was hidden from you in plain sight”. It can also be great fun.

I have 25 years’ experience in teaching, training and talking with people of all ages about many topics and themes: technical subjects such as chemistry, soil science and environmental protection, as well as broader and more interdisciplinary subjects such as customer relationship management, project management, business organisations, communication, and managing stress.

Take a look at the study units ‘Farming with Profits: The Fundamentals of Rural Entrepreneurship’, ‘The Biology of Struggle: Evolutionary Insights into Modern Problems’, and ‘The Biology of Well-being: Evolutionary Insights and Solutions’ and speak to me about customised training for your people on topics of interest to you such as workplace wellbeing, motivation, social and emotional intelligence, business development, and more.