When the truth is beautiful

I’m all for the idea that the truth’s worth it. Some people find that extremely harsh. Very few open their arms to listen to it. Most people struggle with the truth and with the meaning that it imposes on their lives.

I believe we cannot (and should not) try to escape from the biological realities that shape our destiny. But much depends on how we narrate our story as the interplay between what we inherit (our genes), the conditions we find ourselves in as we travel along the way (our environment), and the direction we choose to take, every single day.

I feel this is where we can rely on the more romantic side of our human nature, complete with elaborate language and beautiful poetry. It’s not just a matter of choosing not to be offensive, or retelling the story through a different angle, it’s a celebration of the natural wonders that fill our lives and our hearts.

This is an example of how you can connect the dots – in this case, the personality traits – to paint a thing of immense beauty. And the best part about it is that it’s real.

It is truth that’s worth knowing.

Some people touch your mind. They are the precious humans from another world who only made it here by accident because the Universe has let them escape from its possessive grip. Their openness of mind is of a different category: flexible, magnetic, creating an out-of-the-box space that pulls people in with gradual charm.

Some people touch your moral instinct. They wear conscientiousness like the first skin that works as a barrier to prevent harm. They plan and prepare for what might come, because they know too well the cost of chaos and the price of error.

Some people touch your senses. Their extroversion is balanced – cool and cautious – joyful in company, measured in extent.

Some people touch your heart. It is nature’s way of saying, I admit I can be harsh, but I also make sure you cross paths with people who are kind and compassionate (and it’s not because I have dosed them with my oestrogen).  It is said that agreeableness defined itself by looking up to these warm-hearted people.  

Some people touch your psyche. Like most of the rest of us, they struggle with neuroticism but carry it with style and a special smile that spreads from cheek to cheek and eye to eye. It is with generosity, not regret, that they share their lessons learnt.

Some people touch your mind, your heart, and everything in between. It is life’s way of saying, sure, I can be cruel, but I can also deal you extraordinary gifts.”

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